Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Privacy

The Wollombi Wool Store (WWS) is owned and operated by Jim and Judith Hutchinson.

Compliance: This Privacy Policy complies with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) which are set out in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Amendment Act (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, (Com). These APPs will replace the existing National Privacy Principles and Information Privacy Principles on and from 12 March 2014.

The WWS Privacy Policy: This Privacy Policy explains what happens to any Personal Information* that you provide to WWS, or that we collect from you when you deal with us in person, by telephone, by email, by post or by visiting our website to obtain information and/or to order products (including yarn, needles, books and patterns) or to arrange lessons (including individual lessons and class lessons). *Personal Information is information that identifies or could reasonably identify an individual. [Section 6 of the Privacy Act] In this Policy the term Customer includes a person who: • has purchased goods or services from WWS; • has not purchased goods or services but has requested WWS to include that person’s name on the WWS mailing list for the purpose of receiving information from time to time about the business; or • has subscribed to the WWS Newsletter. We update this Policy from time to time so please review this Policy regularly. Information We Collect and Use: WWS collects the minimum data necessary to run the business. These include: • Customer’s Name (or Pseudonym); • Customer’s mailing address: for delivery of products by Australia Post or Courier; • Customer’s email address: to enable WWS to communicate with the Customer concerning a Customer inquiry or product order; to provide a WWS Newsletter if requested by the Customer from time to time; to advise the Customer from time to time of the availability of products and books which are available for sale; and to advise Customers from time to time of forthcoming lessons (both knitting and crochet) to be conducted at Wollombi or elsewhere; • Customer’s Contact Telephone numbers as nominated by the Customer (Private, Work or Mobile) to facilitate the operation of the business of WWS; • Customer’s Interests in the range of products and courses provided by WWS at present and possibly in the future. This enables WWS to be aware of Customers who may be interested to receive information about particular products and courses from time to time. It also enables WWS to develop and plan new courses for Customers; • For each Customer, a copy of each itemised invoice and receipt issued for products purchased. These are business records of WWS; and • For each Customer, a copy of each itemised invoice and receipt issued for payment(s) for classes. These are business records of WWS. WWS collects personal information about a person only from that person. This information may be supplied directly in person, by telephone, by mail or via the internet. We do not collect personal information from third parties. How Personal Information is Held: WWS will store your personal information in a secure environment. It is protected by a combination of physical and technological measures. Initially, WSS maintains a daybook for the temporary recording of Customer information by the staff of WWS. The daybook is used on a daily basis by staff members of WWS to record information provided by Customers personally, by email and by telephone. The daybook is stored securely so long as the information it contains is current. It is then destroyed. WWS then utilises computer equipment to manage and store data including personal information which is stored permanently. The management of WWS retains control of access to the personal information through the issue of passwords to staff members and to our computer systems consultant. These codes are changed regularly. Staff members and our computer systems consultant have been trained in the secure handling of personal information and are thoroughly familiar with this Privacy Policy. When stored personal information is no longer needed by WWS then WWS will destroy or de-identify that information. (Please note that we retain business records for 5 years as required by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). These records are retained in a secure archived electronic format prior to destruction.) Disclosure of Personal Information: In the case of a Customer located in Australia, the name and address of that Customer will be disclosed to Australia Post or to a Courier when WWS supplies products, books or other material at the request of the Customer. In the case of delivery to a Customer located overseas, WWS will disclose the name and address of the Customer to Australia Post or to an International Courier. Disclosures of relevant personal information will, where necessary, also be made to Customs authorities in both Australia and the destination country. It is not practicable at this time to identify any destination countries. Personal information of an Australian Customer will be disclosed by WWS to a Court or Government Agency pursuant to a properly issued summons, subpoena or Court Order. Unless prevented from doing so by the terms of a Court order WWS will advise the Customer of the particulars of the personal information sought and supplied as soon as reasonably possible. Otherwise, WWS will not disclose the personal information of a Customer to a third person or entity unless WWS is authorised by the Customer in writing to do so. Help us to ensure we hold accurate Personal Information: WWS takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete and up to date. We recommend that you advise us of changes in your address and the subject areas which you are interested in. WWS will deliver to a Customer a copy of all personal information which WWS holds for that Customer as soon as is reasonably possible after that Customer’s request is received by WWS. The Customer should mention in the request the preferred mode of delivery which will usually be by email or post. A Customer may request WWS to correct personal information held by WWS by sending an email to with the words “Confidential - Request for Correction of Personal Information” in the Subject Line. Provide particulars of the request in the body of the email. We will acknowledge receipt of the email and provide a copy of the amended information. These requests will be handled by Jim Hutchison who is our Privacy Contact Officer. A Customer may request that WWS cease dealing with that Customer and to delete/destroy personal information held by WWS. Subject only to the legal requirement that we retain business records for five years, destruction of personal information will occur as soon as reasonably possible after receipt of the request. Use of Cookies: Cookies provide information about the computers used by Customers and visitors when they access the WWS website. It is WWS policy to delete cookies which are recorded on the WWS website as a result of interactions with Customers and visitors. WWS does not use cookies to gain access to the computers of others for any purpose whatsoever. The regular removal of cookies by us minimises the opportunity for persons of ill intent to attempt to hack our website. For abundant caution you can adjust the settings on your computer so that the cookie function of your computer is disabled when you communicate with WWS. Third Party Links: On occasion we include links to other websites on this website. Where we provide a link it does not mean that we endorse or approve that site’s policy towards visitor privacy. You should review the privacy policy of such website(s) before sending any personal data. Complaints: You may complain if you consider that we have mishandled your personal information contained in a record. The matters which you may complain about are described in this link: In the first instance you will generally need to complain directly to WWS preferably in writing sent by post or by email (marked ‘Confidential’) and directed to Jim Hutchison. If you receive an unsatisfactory response from us or we fail to respond within 30 days then you should lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) - previously called the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. To inform yourself about this stage of the complaints process use this link: or phone OAIC at 1300 363 992 and ask to speak to a privacy complaints officer. Contacting Us about this Privacy Policy: Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any matter relating to this Privacy Policy at , by post at The Wollombi Wool Store, 2855 Wollombi Road, WOLLOMBI NSW 2325 or by telephone to (02) 4998 3153. Our Privacy Contact Officer is Jim Hutchison. You should mark correspondence and emails for his attention and ask to speak to him if you phone in. WWS Privacy Policy Edition 1: 01 June 2013