What Perfect Conditions for Knitting

It's so beautiful outside today.  There's soft autumn light, a gentle breeze and no mozzies.  Goodby Summer.  

I'm taking the time to reenergize my knitting program.  In summer my program is often hypothetical.  Dreaming of yarns for winter projects when it is so hot that iced feet are required before yarn can be held confidentally in the working hands.  

True to form I am way behind with my program for this year.  I have 3 sweaters knit and ready for blocking but the hot weather deterred me from blocking and sewing.  Too hot.  Too sticky.  Now these garments have to be finished and Autumn knitting started.  I have decided to make a wrap.  Something that can cope with warm days and cool nights and be gorgeous into the bargain.  I'm going to start with the Wrapped Shawl (from The Fibre Co's Foundations patterns) and i'm going to pair it with one of the stunning colours from their Road to China's Lace.  I'll let you see what colour when I have enough progress to make a decent picture.  I have to have some secrets.  Oh! That reminds me we are working on a "top secret" project for unveiling in a little while. No hints just yet...